Wine Trivia Game Retail Box

for Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes. The assignment was to make this rather complex and difficult trivia game seem approachable, educational, rewarding, and fun. I designed the box and collaborated on the copy.

Vitivini Box Front


Vitivini Box Back





The fun wine trivia challenge
• Learn the world of wine as you play
• Win your way from taster to sommelier
• For every palate, curious or competetive
• Styles, regions, grape varieties, history, science, food pairings, lore, and more



Challenge your friends and family to a game that blends chance and strategy with mastery of one of life’s great pleasures. You’ll test each other’s knowledge of the grape with increasingly advanced wine-related questions.

With each correct answer, you’ll earn coins and wine cards that will count toward your winning portfolio.

But winning’s only half the excitement … after a few weekends’ friendly play you’ll feel at home tipping glasses with the top sommeliers of Napa and Paris.