I write copy and content for all media, including UX. I develop and document brand style. I specialize in content that informs, tells stories, engages, cultivates communities, and builds brands.

My writing roots go deep. My parents met as copywriters at Ogilvy & Mather in the 1950s. My grandfather was a copywriter and journalist, then a playwright and screenwriter. He married a novelist. I’ve picked up the family habit, working over the years in literature, non-fiction, and advertising.

I’m also a visual artist, with an international audience, and I’ve worked as a designer and ad studio artist.

I’m available to establish brand voices, and to write persuasive, engaging copy and content. If you represent a brand or organization doing great things, let me help you move past the losing game of fighting for clicks. Let’s build something.

Here’s what I offer:

  • Great writing, solid thinking, sharp wit.
  • Fresh strategies for moving beyond obsolete, interruptive advertising techniques and careless use of surveillance and targeting.
  • Style. Ability to establish a brand’s voice, or to adopt any existing voice. Conversant in the language of the affluent, the artists, the engineers, the academics, the punks, the hippies, the hipsters, the executives, the cowboys.
  • Teamwork. Communicating and collaborating with designers, art directors, production people, strategy people. I’ve done those jobs, so I speak the language and know the pet peeves.
  • Ability to formulate strategy, or grasp an existing strategy—and run with it.
  • Appetite for research. I like to know what I’m talking about.
  • Art direction. If you ever need someone who can work from strategy to copy to comp to mechanical, for a pitch or guerilla campaign, I can do it.
  • Offbeat expertise: alpine mountaineering, cooking (I ran an underground restaurant in Bushwick, and blog about food science), photography (world famous!), music (played bass in most of NYC’s low-rent dives), science and contemporary poetry (huge nerd).

I hope you find my work compelling. There’s much more on the way.

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