I had the distinct pleasure of hiring Paul as our firm’s copywriter during a website relaunch and brand overhaul for the firm. Paul has the rare writer’s ability to transform our highly technical and complex client offerings into an engaging voice that reads concisely and authentically human.

Paul was a hugely valuable asset throughout our creative working sessions with C-suite. He single-handedly crystallized our firm’s brand personality, teased out the key takeaways and gave our company’s written collateral both authority and wit (sometimes with very limited information).

In addition to being an incredibly talented writer, Paul’s professionalism, creative spirit and humor made even the most challenging asks seem attainable and fun. He was integral to the project’s success, flexible with our scheduling and a wonderful teammate. I truly hope we can team together again.

    Kelly Wexlar
    Marketing Manager, Align, New York


International Copywriter Collective Copywriter of the Week, November 14, 2018



I have known Paul for more than fifteen years as a writer and artist. His writing is exemplary. His creative sensibilities, knowledge and experience have helped us tackle special assignments for our clients. Over the years, he has worked hard and has established a relationship of trust and commitment with us.

    Marc Campana
    Executive Producer, Octopus Creative Group, New York


I had the pleasure of having Paul in my ‘copywriting for the web’ course at Media Bistro. He is professional, extremely talented, funny and clever.  He is also exceptionally fast, and has a talent for getting the voice right every time. He worked well with other members of the class, gave constructive criticism and demonstrated a deep knowledge of culture and advertising. I would highly recommend him.

    Jean Railla
    Creative Director, Cultural Critic, Writer