for an underground restaurant. Strategy is to communicate the organization’s bohemian / industrial identity and its commitment to cutting-edge food. The site should be tongue-in-cheek about the secret / exclusive / underground elements—the organization takes its food seriously, but itself lightly. I wrote the copy, art directed the site, and designed the logo

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Remarkable food,
sweet and savory

Remarkable people,
sweet and unsavory

Inconvenient New York
outer borough locations

Industrial Revolution

adventures for
intrepid gastronomes,
curious culinarians,
and hungry rogues



If you would like to come for dinner, please send a note to [email protected]
Tell us about yourself: your name, how you know about us, why you want to join us, how many in your party, any relevant dietary restrictions / personality disorders.

We will write back when we have a place at the table.
Please be patient; we have few seats and fewer dinners.


Blog Excerpt (Dive deeper into experimental cuisine at the live blog.)

There are many takes on Thanksgiving dinner. One is about nostalgia: cremate a Butterball turkey, whisk lumps of flour into the fat, cut open cans of translucent cranberry substance, reconstitute the stovetop stuffing, finish your loved ones with a wrecking ball of potatoes. Bury them under pie.

Another approach is elite, postmodern: set the immersion circulators, disassemble the turkey, cook bird parts separately sous vide for varying numbers of days, reassemble (with enzymes, hydrocolloids, or classical galantine or ballantine configurations; as layers, confits, forcemeats, or entirely new creations), brown in gallons of frying oil, or with a torch, or with lasers …

We attempted the middle path: turkey that looks like a turkey, but tastes strangely … good.