Align is a mid-sized, global digital infrastructure provider. Their services include designing and building data centers, migrating businesses to new data centers and to the cloud, relocating offices and trading floors, cybersecurity, audio-visual installations, and every imaginable aspect of workplace technology and outsourced IT support. If you had trouble making it through that sentence, then you can imagine how interesting it was designing them a coherent and inviting website. 

I was hired as a content strategist and writer, with the understanding that I’d pinch-hit on design when duty called. I worked on a team with a UX designer and the director of marketing to:

  1. Define the identity, structure, and voice of the company;
  2. Reorganize, rewrite, and redesign the website;
  3. Rewrite other marketing materials in the company’s new voice. Most of the project consisted of asking tough questions to rooms full of executives who had been avoiding these questions for three decades. We fought hard for three weeks to find consensus are coherence. After all that, the writing was easy-peasy.

Production of the website is still in progress. Here’s our mockup, along with a couple of case-studies / “success stories.” Original versions had been a mix of technical jargon and middle-management-speak. The new voice is about clarity, with an emphasis on the personal relationships Align fosters with its clients.







B2B Case Studies:

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